Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat

“Kirklees” was sold and became Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat.

SSILB Inshore Lifeboat – 2002-2013
Record of Service

FAWGI = False Alarm With Good Intent

15.05.05 Medical Evacuation – Injured diver. One soul rescued.
30.05.05 Inflatable being blown offshore – Two souls rescued.
04.06.05 42 foot yacht Misty – lost power and drifting. Two souls assisted.
04.06.05 Capsized rowing boat – One soul rescued and vessel brought in.
04.06.05 Dinghy – Out of fuel. One soul rescued and vessel brought in.
04.06.06 Person on cliffs – Woman threatening self-harm. Stood by.
24.06.05 50 foot trimaran – Capsized – False alarm with good intent.
27.06.05 Gas cylinder in water – Danger to shipping. Retrieved ashore.
03.08.05 Inflatable with missing child – Casualty located ashore.
03.08.05 Inflatable found adrift – All persons safe and accounted for.
07.08.05 Persons cut off by tide – False alarm with good intent.
08.08.05 16 foot catamaran capsize – One soul assisted.
11.08.05 Inflatable – Report of child drifting to sea. Nothing found.
21.08.05 Dismasted yacht – Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
10.12.05 21 foot sailing yacht – Engine failure – Two souls assisted.
05.06.06 Capsized vessel – Four souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
09.06.06 Kite-surfer in difficulties – One soul assisted.
20.07.06 Person in water – One soul rescued to care of ambulance.
20.07.06 Person in water – One soul rescued from capsized kayak.
20.07.06 Search for missing sister of above incident. Located safe ashore.
23.07.06 Inflatables being carried to sea – Three souls rescued.
28.07.06 Capsized catamaran – Two souls rescued.
21.08.06 Four persons stranded on cliffs – Stood by. No assistance required.
24.09.06 Boat broken down & drifting – One soul assisted. Vessel brought in.
19.11.06 M/V Three Girls – Fouled propeller. Two souls assisted.
14.12.06 Surfers in difficulties – Two exhausted souls rescued ashore.
18.02.07 Woman cut off by tide – One soul rescued ashore.
11.03.07 Mayday report – Search conducted, nothing untoward found.
09.04.07 Report of kayaker in difficulties – False alarm with good intent.
09.05.07 Capsized skiff – Five souls rescued.
08.07.07 Cabin cruiser – Fouled rudder. Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
18.07.07 Inflatable with persons in water – Area searched. Nothing found.
18.07.07 RHIB with two souls missing – One soul recovered. One soul missing.
28.07.07 Motor cruiser broken down – Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
10.08.07 Catamaran – Two souls rescued, one assisted. Vessel brought in.
17.08.07 Upturned catamaran – Two souls assisted and vessel escorted in.
18.08.07 M/V Bonie Spei – One fatigued soul rescued and vessel brought in.
26.08.07 M/V Roma – Fouled propeller. Six souls assisted.
26.08.07 Overdue kayak – Search conducted. Two souls assisted.
06.10.07 Tempus Fugit – Engine failure. Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
21.10.07 Dart 18 – Catamaran capsized. One soul assisted. Vessel brought in.
10.11.07 Launched to report of cliff faller – Nothing found. Considered hoax.
28.01.08 Gentleman cut off by tide – One soul assisted in safe recovery.
01.03.08 Capsized catamaran – Two souls assisted and vessel brought in.
05.04.08 Fishing vessel – Engine failure. Four souls assisted. Vessel towed in.
02.05.08 F/V Brazil Nut – MOB. One soul rescued and one soul assisted.
03.05.08 Capsized catamaran – One soul assisted.
01.06.08 Cockleshell – Broken down. Seven souls assisted. Vessel towed in.
28.06.08 Yacht Zombie– Capsized. Seven souls assisted.
28.06.08 RHIB Golden Toad – Broken down. Vessel towed in.
28.06.08 French 35 meter yacht – Dismasted. Vessel escorted in.
28.06.08 Re-tasked by MRCC Solent to yacht Zombie. Salvage tasked.
28.06.08 Yacht with tangles spinnaker. Vessel escorted in.
28.06.08 Drifting jet-ski – Search commenced. Two souls found safe ashore.
12.07.08 Speedboat – Engine failure. Four souls assisted. Vessel towed in.
08.08.08 Saucy Sue – Broken down. Two souls assisted and vessel towed in.
21.08.08 Capsized kayak – Casualty located safe ashore following search.
21.09.08 Suspected suicide – Area searched following report. Nothing found.
08.10.08 Jet-ski – Broken down. One soul rescued. Vessel brought in.
03.06.09 Launched to vessel in distress – Nothing found. Considered hoax.
20.06.09 Yacht Guesont – MOB – One soul rescued and returned to vessel.
20.06.09 Wenn Glass – Dismasted. Four souls assisted. Vessel escorted in.
20.06.09 M/V Ark Wright – Fouled propeller. Four souls assisted.
28.07.09 Overdue kayak – One soul assisted.
29.07.09 Suspected cliff jumper – Area searched. Nothing untoward located.
02.08.09 M/V IFA Plus – Broken down. One soul assisted. Vessel brought in.
30.08.09 Overdue kayakers – One soul rescued and one soul assisted.
18.09.09 Report of drifting windsurfer – Area searched. Nothing found.
19.09.09 Yacht broken down – Assistance rendered.
20.09.09 Yacht Feeling Rough – Becalmed. Assistance rendered.
20.09.09 M/V Kokomo– MEDEVAC – One soul rescued. Two souls assisted.
03.10.09 Capsized catamaran – Two souls rescued and vessel brought in.
24.10.09 Catamaran CAT – Capsized – Two souls rescue.
13.11.09 Report of distressed gentleman – Nothing found. Considered hoax.
19.12.09 Launched to report of red flares – Nothing found. Fired from shore.
30.05.10 Dinghy with engine failure – Three souls assisted. Dinghy brought in.
06.06.10 RHIB Topaz– Broken down. Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
06.06.10 Dinghy being blown to sea – One soul assisted. Dinghy brought in.
23.06.10 Dinghy broken down. Three souls assisted. Dinghy escorted in.
27.06.10 Cabin cruiser – Broken down. Four souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
28.06.10 Kayak – Being carried to sea. Two souls rescued. Kayak recovered.
04.07.10 Catamaran capsized – Two souls assisted. Vessel self-recovered.
24.07.10 M/V Rebellion – Aground. Nine souls rescued. Vessel refloated.
02.08.10 Dinghy – Overdue. Search conducted. Two souls located safe.
08.08.10 Possible PIW – Search conducted. Nothing untoward located.
12.08.10 Inflatable carried out to sea. Two souls self-recovered.
14.08.10 Launched to MISPER – 95NM searched. Nothing untoward found.
16.08.10 Child on inflatable – Being carried to sea. One soul rescued.
16.08.10 Swimmers in difficulty – Self-recovered. Lifeboat stood by.
18.08.10 Report of PIW – Area searched. One soul subsequently recovered.
19.08.10 Launched to MISPER – One soul located safe, well and ashore.
16.10.10 Catamaran – Capsized. Two souls assisted. Vesse lbrought in.
16.10.10 Re-tasked to report of sinking vessel – One soul rescued.
30.01.11 Catamaran adrift – Hazard to shipping. Vessel located & recovered.
23.04.11 M/V Miss Mouse – TIW. Stood by for pump. Two souls assisted.
23.04.11 Re-tasked to three persons cut off by tide. Three souls rescued.
23.04.11 Speedboat – Broken down. One soul assistedand vessel brought in.
25.04.11 Catamaran Shadow – Dismasted. One soul assisted.
02.05.11 Vessel adrift – Broken mooring. Vessel located and brought in.
10.05.11 Persons in the water – Kite-surfer. Two souls self-recovered.
25.06.11 Sailing yacht Pelican 6 – Dismasted. Three souls assisted.
17.07.11 Catamaran – Capsized. Two souls assisted. Vessel brought in.
24.07.11 M/V IBQSA Blue – Broken down. Two souls assisted. Stood by.
06.08.11 Tasked to report of sunken hull. Identifiedas pot marker. FAWGI.
13.08.11 Kite surfer in difficulty – Becalmed and tired. One soul rescued.
19.08.11 No details available – Three souls assisted.
21.08.11 No details available – Launched on Service.
07.09.11 Windsurfer in difficulties – One soul self-recovered. Stood by.
08.10.11 Person in the water – Area searched. One soul located safe and well.
27.11.11 Person in the water – No further details available.
12.01.12 Kite-surfer in difficulty – Area searched. Nothing untoward found.
04.03.12 Unmanned kayak – Adrift. Area searched. Owner located ashore.
06.04.12 Kayak in difficulty – Located safe and well. Considered FAWGI.
08.04.12 Catamaran – Capsized. Three souls assisted. Vessel escorted in.
13.05.12 Jet Ski – Broken down. Two souls self-recovered. Stood by.
22.05.12 Catamaran – Capsized. Self-righted. Stood by. One soul assisted.
30.05.12 Dinghy – Reported adrift. Vessel on mooring. Considered FAWGI.
24.06.12 F/V – Broken down at risk of grounding. Three souls assisted.
30.06.12 Yacht Polly’s Kettle – Dismasted. Seven souls assisted.
30.06.12 Yacht Eltiburon – CASEVAC of injured crewman. One soul rescued.
30.06.12 Yacht Galatea – CASEVAC of injured crewman. Two souls rescued.
01.07.12 Yacht Cygnet – Aground. Vessel refloated. One soul assisted.
05.08.12 Kayakers – Overdue. Search commenced. Located safe and well.
19.08.12 Speedboat – Out of fuel and drifting. Refuelled. Two souls assisted.
19.08.12 Kayakers in difficulty – Boats located in water. Kayakers safe ashore.
21.08.12 Catamaran – Capsized. Self-righted & brought in. Two souls assisted.
26.08.12 RHIBs in difficulty – Circling erratically. Diving operations. FAWGI.
04.09.12 F/V St Michael – Broken down. Vessel recovered. Two souls assisted.
09.09.12 Speedboat – Broken down. Vessel brought in. One soul assisted.
30.09.12 Catamaran – Capsized. Self-righted & escorted in. One soul assisted.