The Joy of Undertaking Something Worthwhile

The Joy of doing something Worthwhile

As I sit here and write this, I can but smile, what a wonderful day I had being part of the team to raise funds for the RNLI.  The memories are still quite fresh, it was an early morning rise and late finish, I will be honest, but being part of the RNLI volunteer team was a real honour. One of the team members for the day made it her job to give out a pile of leaflets to encourage youngsters to subscribe to ‘Storm Force’, I’ll be honest I didn’t know a thing about it. Apparently for just £12, children can annually subscribe and they will receive magazines badges and invitations to day trips out, all sounds too good to be true, please contact MORE INFORMATION HERE .

Another team member sold raffle tickets to win a remote control miniature copy of the Severn class Lifeboat it was won by a very lucky local chap, he was absolutely delighted, this boat was worth £60.00 and all just for raffle ticket of £2.

We were extremely lucky the weather was really kind to us. Stormy
Stan made an appearance in the afternoon, funny he disappeared as soon as our President appeared; mind you he had been round the whole of the feast grounds with a collecting box in scorching heat!

All this going on and we were still selling our Christmas cards, diaries and calendars.  Watching children putting their pennies into the whirly gig collecting box, they had so much fun.  I say children but adults found it great fun too!!

A team member from the Scholes and Hepworth branch came to help for a few hours over lunch time to give us a break, a lovely lady who just got straight on with whatever there was to do.

Every penny we earned went towards funds for saving life’s at sea. When you have a good and pleasant team as we did, the serious matter of raising funds for a worthwhile cause becomes fun and a pleasure.  It really is a case of the more the merrier and many hands make light work. What I really wanted to get over to everyone, is how important it is to raise funds so that the RNLI lifeboat crew, can go and save life’s at sea, if anyone has a few hours to spare, from time to time you don’t realise what a great value your contribution has.  Please do contact us you never know you may even make new friends, in the process.